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2015 H-1B's by the Numbers

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  • April 1, 2015 - the date applications opened
  • 233,000 - The # of H1B applications received in the first 7 days
  • 85,000 - The # of H1Bs granted by lottery in 2015 (65,000 foreign workers and 20,000 foreign students graduating with advanced degrees in the US)
  • $60,000 - The salary an employer must pay to avoid promising that they will not replace American workers (Guess what the typical tech salary for most IT Outsourcing firms is?)
  • 55,000 - The number of applications paid for by the top five Outsourcing firms
  • 32,000 - The number of H1Bs granted to 20 firms including 13 Outsourcing firms like Tata, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and Cognizant
  • 14,000 - The number of applications submitted by Tata (They were granted 5,650)
  • 10,000 - The number of employers submitting applications on behalf of individuals they wanted to hire
  • $6,000 - The cost of an application for outplacement firms until Sept 30 (It's now $4000)

As this recent NY Times article notes, H1Bs are just one more element of a broken immigration system. People with critical skills who really want to emigrate to the US are far less likely to obtain work than the underpaid, hired guns of large contract employers (most of whom are not US-based) that have learned to game the system. The one hole that appears to be filled is that these firms can no longer submit multiple applications for the same individual to increase their likelihood of winning the lottery.

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