A Stakeholder's Perspective On Diversity

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Every Talent Acquisition stakeholder’s perspective is a window into their attitudes and actions. (Defining TA stakeholders as: Customer, Candidate, Employee, Hiring Manager, Recruiter.) It’s an opportunity for deeper learning...on how to understand their varied personas, on how to approach, how to partner, how to influence. Typically, the perspective consists of feedback - a data point in a survey or a comment from the Net Promoter score that asks “Why.”

A different perspective on diversity recruiting

This NYTimes article, Diversity, Inclusion and Culture: How to Build Great Teams by Tessa Ann Taylor, an Engineering Manager, is different. It is a story about a journey that a Hiring Manager took to solve her concerns about the quality of a process. Her observations and her solutions. Her approach to partnering with recruiting, her team and her results. If I were a Talent Acquisition leader it would be required reading followed by a deeper discussion about how we could apply the learning during our meetings with hiring managers.

If I were a Talent Management Leader it would be required pre-reading before Hiring Managers’ Selection Training.

If I were developing a program for a diversity or TA conference I would put a panel of hiring managers together to discuss how they partner with recruiting and offer them the article as pre-reading before crafting the questions the panels should address. And it wouldn’t hurt to try and get Tessa to join that panel.

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