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Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Standards Are Coming

Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Standards Are Coming

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"Hi. I'm not human but I'm going to assess your interview. (Oh and I may be better at it.)"

It was inevitable. The only question was when.

The most recent National Law Review includes an announcement that Illinois is about to pass The Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act. The critical requirements for employers will include:

  • Notifying "each applicant before the interview that AI may be used to analyze the applicant’s video interview and consider the applicant’s fitness for the position,"
  • Providing "each applicant with information before the interview explaining how the AI works and what general types of characteristics it uses to evaluate applicants" (good luck with that), and
  • Obtaining "prior consent from the applicant to be evaluated by the AI program."

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The bill also requires that video interview recordings can only be shared "with persons whose expertise or technology is necessary in order to evaluate an applicant’s fitness for a position.” In addition, "employers must destroy all copies of the videos (including backups) no later than 30 days after the applicant requests the company do so."

In our humble opinion, it won't stop with video interviews. Moving forward we anticipate similar legislation will cover all artificial intelligence / machine learning matching or assessment technology.

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