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William Wiggins
William has held consulting and strategic HR roles at Mercer Human Resources Consulting, Kaiser Permanente, and Williams-Sonoma. He is an industry leader when it comes to building strong collaborative HR partnerships and leadership teams that focus on staff engagement, retention, career development, and staff recognition programs. William’s training curriculum includes Crucial Conversations, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, and EEOC 101.

Talent Management/ Leadership

Fostering a safe workplace during politically charged times

Whether in the break room, in a video conference room, or in an online chat... passionate and intense discussions can (and will) arise. While the discussion can be stimulating and provocative, it[…]

internal mobility/ Talent Development/ career pathing

How important are internal mobility & career pathing?

I could see the buzz from my window on the 33rd floor. There were multiple ambulances, local news, the works. Moments later I received a call that that one of our employees had attempted suicide.[…]

Talent Management/ employment branding/ employment marketing/ talent branding

Employer Branding's Value to HR

“Employer brand” describes an employer's reputation as a place to work and their employee value proposition, as opposed to the more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to[…]

A cultivated field promotes diversity
A cultivated field promotes diversity

diversity & inclusion/ Talent Management

The Impact of Cultivating Diversity

What do a vampire, a burlesque performer, and a professional hugger all have in common? They could all have day jobs in your organization.

Talent Management/ performance appraisal

When Performance Appraisals Go Bad

What do you do when an employee known to be a top performer wants to file a grievance related to the performance appraisal process? Someone who has achieved recognition as an innovator, received a[…]

Ideas to spark HR transformation
Ideas to spark HR transformation

Talent Management/ hr transformation

HR Transformation? No Time Like the Present

Here's a scenario that will sound familiar to any HR professional: an employee in the break room approaches, “Are you the new HR Manager?” As soon as you confirm, you'll find an employee in[…]

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