Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience scores from rejected offers

Candidate Experience scores from rejected offers

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The 2019 Corporate Inhouse Recruitment cNPS published in February by Starred, a Dutch TA Supplier that measures Candidate Experience, deserves credit for offering enough info about their methodology to give one some sense of the flaws in their research - otherwise you might put too much weight on the results that claim 25,000 respondents.

Starred notes that their 62% response rate among hired candidates produced a +72 Candidate Net Promoter Score (cNPS). That makes sense but, the depressing numbers obtained for rejected offers is in stark contrast to TalentBoard’s data…although not as much as you might imagine.

It should definitely give employer candidate experience champions pause and while we may want to know a great deal more about response rates, distribution and absolute numbers (if not the quality of the companies involved for this report) it does offer several ideas for improvement.

Admittedly (I’m a bit biased), the whitepaper published last month by TalentBoard with its 220,000 respondents is much more comprehensive but, every source of candidate experience should be examined for what you can learn.

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