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Candidate's are NOT Customers... not Yet. (and 19 more articles)

Candidate's are NOT Customers... not Yet. (and 19 more articles)

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We’re normally not fans of lists curated by any one person and especially if that person’s role is to market a Talent Acquisition startup. However, in this case Ben Slater, a UK Startup CMO (Beamery), put together a year-end list of his favorites- 20 top articles that we actually liked and read. The authors include some unlikely contrasts like comparing TA tactics of Coursera versus Google and a few authors we are familiar with like: Marvin Smith, Glen Cathey, Matt Buckland, Greg Savage, Sean Rehder, Andy Headworth, Jim Stroud, Matt Charney and yours truly (#15). These may not be the ‘Best’ recruiting articles of the year but they offer diverse stimulation from a range of practitioners and others that won’t be obsolete in 2016. We’re pretty certain 2016 will be a year in which new efforts to identify, share and differentiate recruiting content that is useful will emerge. Today the amount of content is simply overwhelming and, the quality is dropping as rapidly as the number of whitepapers are rising. Look for the launch of a Professional Recruiting Association with this as one of its goals*. The alternative is being overwhelmed with content that cannot be consumed or consuming content that has little value or, worse- send you down the wrong path.

(* Full disclosure: CareerXroads is actively supporting efforts to create a member driven association that can share knowledge and practices, develop standards and advocate for reasonable technology pricing)

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