CareerXroads 2017 Colloquium Calendar

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cxr-2017-100In 2017 CareerXroads will conduct nine colloquium meetings for our members.  Each year our topics are determined by votes and feedback from our current membership and while some topics such as Sourcing, Analytics and Operations have become staple events within our annual agenda, there are some upcoming additions and changes to our meeting makeup.

New in 2017 is our first "Candidate As A Customer" meeting.  Based on member feedback, we'll be kicking off our colloquium series with this candidate experience focused event hosted by GE in March.  In addition to the new meeting, we've moved up our International Recruiting colloquium to May when it will be hosted by Schneider Electric in Paris, France.  Just a few of the other changes include the addition of Diversity & Inclusion tracks built in to all nine of our meetings and a first time "Analytics Workshop" with guest speaker that will be held for members joining our Analytics Colloquium hosted in New York at ADP's offices.

We're also incredibly excited to share that CareerXroads is conducting its 100th Colloquium Meeting in October where we'll be hosted by The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL at Disney World.  The topic of our 100th meeting will be Leadership, where a seat for each Talent Acquisition leader from our nearly 100 member companies has already been reserved.  More details (and surprises) will be shared with our executive members as we get closer to this milestone date!

For a full overview of the upcoming colloquium topics and locations, check out the CareerXroads Meeting Schedule.

 As a reminder, our meetings are just part of the reason your company maintains a membership at CareerXroads.  In 2017 we're anticipating more publications and headlines, more research and benchmarking, more eXchanges, more vendor ratings & reviews and even more exclusive "members only" webinars & discounts.  Be sure that you're always up to speed on what's going on within this peer-to-peer community by subscribing to our monthly bellwether (form found at the bottom of each page) and staying active within our CareerXroads eXchanges!

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