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CareerXroads Benchmark: Alumni Recruiting

CareerXroads Benchmark: Alumni Recruiting

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Tapping into alumni recruiting has long been a strategy of many companies.  So while 50% of CareerXroads member companies have had alumni programs in place for at least 10 years (with only 10% having programs for less than a year) the most effective way to leverage these employee communities seems to remain a challenge that industry professionals haven't mastered.  When asked about their alumni recruiting efforts, 85% of respondents to this CXR benchmark report that they do not automatically inform or enroll exiting employees into alumni networks or programs. Many do offer incentives to participants such as personal development opportunities, curated jobs and content, or alumni newsletters, for starters.

View the data in our CXR Research section where company leaders share within this report their percentage of "boomerang" hires, and details regarding their own values and competitive practices related to alumni programs and talent acquisition.

CareerXroads members are able to access the full benchmark and review of collected information and open comments provided by participating member companies after logging in. Members or guests that have questions about this survey or would like more details around the data collected should contact CareerXroads directly.

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