CareerXroads Benchmark: Campus Recruiting Models

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Image Credit:McElspeth / Pixabay

Whether companies have undergone a recruiting re-org around campus efforts, built dedicated campus teams, or are simply leveraging internal non-recruiting departmental resources to help staff campus events, one thing is constant across industries: campus recruiting continues to be a priority as organizations see anywhere from 5% to 10% of their total external hires coming through a campus program. Tapping into alumni for recruiting has long been a strategy of many companies.  So with teams stretched thin, and budgets even thinner, it should come as no surprise that over 70% of responding CareerXroads member companies have jumped head-first into "virtual" campus recruiting to target students at both key and non-key campuses. It's an evolving trend that has most campuses worried but that talent acquisition leaders are embracing as the data begins to show better mileage and stronger results for many.  (And don't even get us started on how Unilever partnered with Pymetrics, The Muse, WayUp, and HireVue to removed recruiters from the process entirely!)

Campus leaders continue to share in this report how their approaching on-campus activity, the evolution of their organization's interviewing processes, and more.

CareerXroads members are able to access the full benchmark and review of collected information and open comments provided by participating member companies below after logging in. Members or guests that have questions about this survey or would like more details around the data collected should contact CareerXroads directly.

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