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CareerXroads Benchmark: Employee Networks

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Employee Networks, operating independently from an employer’s organizational structure but with tacit support and approval, have been a critical indicator for decades on how firms internally manage and understand diversity, inclusion, innovation and other unique needs of critical segments of their employee populations.

Whether they are called Affinity Groups, ERGs, BRGs or some other title or acronym, these networks continue to evolve as this CareerXroads’ pulse survey results imply. We’ve tried to scratch the surface hard enough to see below and give some insight into what lies at a deeper level. We know there are never perfect answers only good questions in search of competitive practices. Hopefully this info, derived from large, well-branded firms, will help guide the conversation as you develop and execute your strategy.


CareerXroads members can view and download the entire survey and research details here along with other content requested, and created for, current members.

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