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CareerXroads Competitive Practices: Immigration Hiring

CareerXroads Competitive Practices: Immigration Hiring

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Immigration hiring is an increasing challenge for multinational employers trying to source talent that can cross borders (externally or internally). CareerXroads felt the timing was appropriate to look at the difficulties CXR members are having and recently we asked a few questions of our members. While individual ‘company’ responses in this newly published research report will remain anonymous, it is clear that a good deal of work will be needed in the coming years by large firms to acquire talent competitively and cost-effectively.

It is useful to note that the share of hires attributed to third-party sites continues to fall (9.4% is the lowest we’ve ever seen) equal to LinkedIn, which we expect to grow internationally for the next few years. Direct sourcing at 15.6% and referrals at 6.3% have a significant upside for firms willing to risk more innovative approaches. The 28% attributed to ‘other’ is simply that- everything plus the kitchen sink.


CareerXroads members are able to access the full benchmark and review of collected information and open comments provided by participating member companies after logging in. Members or guests that have questions about this survey or would like more details around the data collected should contact CareerXroads directly.

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