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Just one of the takeaways from a recent full day with Executive Search leaders hosted by EY was a list of the most prominent tools in play this year when looking for and engaging leadership talent.  At our 88th CareerXroads Colloquium we vetted, discussed and whittled down (yes, "whittled" - see what we did there?) that list to the following 26 "cool tools".  Categories such as Assessment, Data, Marketing, Sourcing, Video and more were defined to help our members sort and rank each product.

Included as some of the most used services by executive search teams, and which should come as no surprise to many, were the likes of Hogan, Gallup, HireVue and SuccessFactors.  Lesser known and newer solutions that these leaders are finding successful include Entelo, HiringSolved, Textio and several others.

After logging in, CareerXroads members are able to view the complete list below that includes the product/suite title, a direct link to the services page, its "claim to fame" and our new CareerXroads categorization of that tool or service.  Members can also continue the discussions and evaluations here on

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Category "Cool Tool" Claim to Fame
Assessment DDI Pre-employment testing to eliminate the guesswork and make the best selection and promotion decisions.
Assessment Gallup Identify high-talent candidates through core and custom assessments
Assessment Hogan Online personality tests and consulting services to help organizations hire high potential employees and develop current and future business leaders.
Assessment TalentPlus Validated, structured interviews and assessments to provide a scientific methodology to improve an organization’s culture.
ATS / CRM Avature Flexible enterprise SaaS platform for Global Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, and the leading global provider of CRM for recruiting.
ATS / CRM Smashfly Total recruitment marketing platform transforms how organizations find, attract, engage, nurture and convert leads into applicants.
ATS / CRM SuccessFactors Cloud-based human capital management software solutions using the Software as a service model.
ATS / CRM Entelo Entelo’s recruiting platform enables top talent professionals to find, qualify, and engage with in-demand talent.
Data Joberate Measuring job seeking behaviors of the global workforce.
Data WANTED Analytics / Talent Neuron Comprehensive source of global talent demand and supply data, predictive analytics and insights into real-time job market, location, and competitive intelligence.
Firm Global Rhymes Executive search firm with focus on diversity talent.
Marketing Sparc Sparc is a new recruiting platform that gives employers the tools to market their jobs and provide candidates with helpful and useful information about the job and work environment. Designed for mobile and social media, Sparc will engage the professional Millennial workforce.
Marketing Textio Revamps job ads and candidate emails in seconds using a platform that optimizes against bias while encouraging applies.
Sourcing Connectifier Connectifier helps recruiters find and contact exceptional job candidates by leveraging a constantly growing database of more than 400 million candidates. Connectifier Sidebar is a web browser plug-in that pops up whenever a user views a profile on a social site like LinkedIn or GitHub to provide additional information like email addresses and phone numbers. Connectifier Search allows users to search Connectifier’s candidate database directly.
Sourcing DiscoverOrg DiscoverOrg’s sales intelligence contains the reporting structure, direct phone numbers and verified emails at companies in your target market helping you quickly identify and contact key decision makers at your target accounts.
Sourcing eGrabber B2B Prospect list building tool.
Sourcing HiringSolved People aggregator gathers data from across the web and filters the most relevant candidates. (see also: Prophet)
Sourcing Lusha Chrome plugin to uncover contact information of candidates.
Sourcing Prophet Prophet goes beyond what can be found on the web by using an advanced engine to predict and verify contact information. With Prophet, the web is your address book. (see also: HiringSolved)
Sourcing Hello Talent Free tool to help you source, organize, review, recruit, and hire candidates!
Tool Outlook Rule Text your mobile when you get an email from a particular person or domain
Video Conference/Interview Blue Jeans Online video conferencing service that is affordable, inter-operable (multi-vendor, multi-device), easy-to-use, scaleable (multi-party) and secure.
Video Conference/Interview Greenjob Interview Video interviewing solutions across desktops and mobile devices that reduce the time and costs associated with scheduling and conducting interviews.
Video Conference/Interview HireVue Provides video job interview technologies combined with recruitment screening and evaluation tools for employers.
Video Conference/Interview Interview Stream InterviewStream is an easy to use online video interviewing software company that provides a hiring advantage and advanced recruiting technology.
Video Conference/Interview Montage Talent Video interviewing technology and voice interviewing technology purpose-built for hiring at large enterprise, healthcare and RPO organizations.


We'll continue to refine these lists throughout the year and ultimately move this to a shared document if there is enough interest expressed from our members (aka: please use the comments section below!)  You can contribute to this list or provide feedback as to how you'd like to see this consolidated and made available to you and your teams.  As a reminder, your comments on the CareerXroads site are only visible to current CareerXroads members.

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