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Learn from our experiences: Recruiting in Japan

Learn from our experiences: Recruiting in Japan

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CareerXroads members always have access to current and past CXR webinars.  On occasion, we host webinars with an open invitation to anyone within the recruiting industry - which is exactly what we're doing for our upcoming "Learnings from our HR Delegation to Japan" webinar on Friday, January 12th.

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After spending 10 days in Japan with HR and Recruiting executives, startups, influencers, and students where we visited with government representatives, employers, university students and professionals, we're going to share some of our biggest takeaways and "Wow!" moments.  Joining us to share their perspectives on that trip are China Gorman (Managing Director, Unleash), Debbie McGrath ( owner), Sue Meisinger (former CEO, SHRM), Angie Verros (CEO & Founder, Vaia Talent), and others.

[Japan: Between a Rock and a Hard Place | Gerry Crispin]

We hope that you'll dial in and join us for this conversation over lunch, coffee, or whatever the guy in this featured image is doing on an airport runway.  We'll be taking questions from our webinar attendees so be sure to join a bit early as this is open to the public and could be another CXR webinar that fills up quickly.

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