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Announcing Beta Update to CareerXroads eXchanges

Announcing Beta Update to CareerXroads eXchanges

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CareerXroads prides itself on over 20 years of listening to its members and delivering a premier community experience to talent acquisition professionals around the world.  That's why the team at CXR is especially excited about the beta upgrade to the popular CareerXroads eXchanges now available to current CareerXroads members.  Nearly every feature of this upgrade is a product of member conversation and ideation at our various Colloquium meetings!

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The new CareerXroads eXchanges have evolved from a dedicated email communication tool to one that is delivered both via email and within the CareerXroads website.  With new member profile features, the ability for companies to easily post their own pulse surveys, and the creation of dynamic geographic and market-specific channels, this much-anticipated update lets our members connect and network with subject matter experts and peer leaders more easily and deeply than before.

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Logged-in CareerXroads Enterprise members can visit the CareerXroads eXchange and view any number of channels to which they are subscribed.  Members that are not currently included can contact us directly or speak to their talent acquisition leaders about getting involved.  We believe there is no better resource for talent acquisition professionals helping each other around the globe than the CareerXroads eXchange.

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