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Recruiting Centers of Excellence a CXR Research Report

Recruiting Centers of Excellence a CXR Research Report

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The demands on talent acquisition and recruiting continue to intensify so that companies remain competitive. Teams are forced to work smarter and as a result, the evolution of shared services and recruiting centers of excellence (CEO) continues.  CareerXroads asked its membership a series of questions related to how their recruiting COE's are focused and delivering a return on investment.  The responses from leaders within organizations largely looking to hire more than 5,000 global full-time employees this year, might surprise many.

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35% of leaders reported that they have a dedicated recruiting center of excellence for competitive intelligence gathering. 60% reported that they manage a COE focused solely on passive candidate and lead generation. Roughly the same percentage sharing results related to their Operations and Interview Scheduling centers.  CareerXroads also asked about the likelihood that currently non-existent talent acquisition COE's related to social media management, analytics, and sourcing, were already in the works.  While over 45% said that sourcing COE's were planned, no companies reported going forward with the build-out of social media or metrics and analytics centers of excellence.

Check out the podcast audio where we share more details about the data pulled from this benchmark.  CareerXroads members can go even deeper in the CXR Research portion of the site to view the full report, comments from participants, and additional stats not released to the public.

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