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CareerXroads research tackles questions like: Are large companies moving away from pre-employment drug screening?  Do enterprise organizations seem to be trending away from spending more money on branding agencies?  How are your peers addressing internal mobility at their firms?

CareerXroads works with members to research and benchmark through both public and members only (login required) surveys.  Each member company is responsible to respond to these generated topics so that the CXR team can create competitive practice reports that are available to the CareerXroads community.

From time to time, some polls and questionnaires are made available to a very select group of talent acquisition professionals outside of CXR as well as sometimes sent to the general public.  In each case,  only the targeted audience of each research effort receives the resulting competitive practice report or benchmark and an invitation to any resulting webinar where the content is shared and reviewed.  We'd encourage both members and non-members to check the CXR Research page from time to time for open benchmark surveys as well as invitations to upcoming webinars.

Should any talent acquisition professionals be interested in conducting a research benchmark of competitive practices within recruiting, please contact us directly.  CareerXroads is always interested in helping professionals to keep their finger on the pulse of today's recruiting trends. CXR members can contact Chris and Gerry directly if they are interested in setting up a research question.  Alternatively, if a CareerXroads member would prefer a quick inquiry or to spark a conversation with their peers, we'd encourage the use of our popular eXchanges that now cover topic categories such as Analytics, Branding & Marketing, Candidate Experience, College Recruiting, Executive Recruiting, International Recruiting, Operations, and Sourcing.

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