CareerXroads Research: Pre-Employment Drug Screening

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With the changes the United States is seeing at a state level with regards to the legal use of recreational and medicinal drugs, companies have an interesting challenge ahead of them when considering pre-employment drug screening. Additionally, companies know that performing drug screening on 100% of their candidates can be incredibly expensive and often has an astonishingly low rate of positive (failure to pass) test results. For years this has created a question around the idea of changing standard testing procedures, honoring state and local laws over federal laws, and even re-evaluating the job types that would require testing.

CareerXroads asked its member companies a few questions with regards to the current state of their pre-employment drug screening practices and found in this CareerXroads Pre-Employment Drug Screening Report that 80% of participating companies said that less than 25% of their US new hires are currently required to pass a pre-employment drug screen. While 65% of responding companies are enterprise level employers reporting to have more than 25,000 employees the trend of those new hires and employees still subject to screening seemed to sit squarely with customer facing or safety sensitive positions.

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