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In this episode of CareerXroads "Uncorked" we tackle the topic of Recruiting Automation and Innovation and how leaders like Intuit's Nick Mailey are taking on the industry's increasing interest in bots, automation, and machine learning.  More importantly, we talk about why it's important to focus on what really matters within your teams and organizations rather than getting caught up in all of the hype and how to execute on decisions to build your own solutions in-house or in partnership with vendors.

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The timing for this topic is no coincidence as we're kicking off our first Recruiting Automation & Innovation colloquium meeting next week at Nike's Converse headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.  Already at capacity, we're excited to connect at this two-day meeting with over 50 vetted Talent Acquisition leaders and influencers that drive recruiting technology and innovation at some of the most impressive companies in the world.

Join us for a nice bottle of Justin Isosceles while Gerry, Nick, and I speculate on the amount of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) found in many tech solutions, why the idea of "Talent Advisor" continues to be so elusive even today, and why I might have the worst tastebuds for wine tasting while at the same time be the fastest wine drinker in the industry.  (Those last two things aren't mutually exclusive, are they?)

These CXR Uncorked sessions are a fun way for us to let our hair down and share a little magic from within the community that is CareerXroads.  So sit back, uncork your own bottle, and enjoy the broadcast.

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