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CareerXroads UpdatesIf you haven't noticed by now, the CareerXroads website has gone through a modest amount of updates this week.  The most notable of which is a shift in how we're presenting the content and Headlines that our members and their leaders have told us are most important to them.  And while we're still moving things around a bit, we're comfortable enough to say, "Yeah, it is much easier to get to the best parts now."

Website updates

Minimizing the distractions and pulling back on the bells and whistles was just one of the changes.  We're consolidating our colloquium content that was previously in a single "CXR Library".  Now members are able to find docs and images within the relative colloquium meeting pages by simply clicking on the Documents tab that's visible after logging in (login is now on the bottom-left of the site!)  And yes, the tabs within our meeting schedule pages are new as well.  In these, you'll find Outlook, Google Calendar, and Yahoo! calendar integrations, event maps (with directions), structured agendas, and easy to use meeting registration forms.

Corporate restrictions

Members previously frustrated with access challenges due to how their company restricts Google storage can breathe easy.  Content and forms are shifting away from Google and are being managed directly through the site.  And that's not all that's moving to the site...

CareerXroads eXchanges

If you're registered and participate in any of the CareerXroads eXchanges, we've begun the process of developing a web-based update that will allow you to fully search the eXchange archives.  That's right... even the newest of eXchange participants will be able to search previously shared conversations, debates, and shared documents - from within the website itself.

We're still listening to what our members want (remember our last round of website updates?) and working to deliver on our vision to remain your most valued and trusted talent acquisition community.  So keep that feedback coming, and a watchful eye out for additional updates coming very soon.

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