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Community is Not a List. It Just Isn’t. And Talent Knows It.

Community is Not a List. It Just Isn’t. And Talent Knows It.

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One of our CareerXroads members, Teri Matzkin, Lockheed’s Manager for Strategic Sourcing & Military Relations, spoke passionately about their work in building a Talent Community for Veterans, Military Connect, at a Conference Board Talent Acquisition seminar in NYC (Sept 29-30, 2016).

(Teri, by the way, said she was channeling- and gave several ‘props’ to Marvin Smith, Lockheed’s Talent Community strategist during her talk.

What I loved most was her slide depicting each stage in getting to a 'community' - where the communication is between peers having an affinity for one another and an interest in collaborating to the group’s benefit. Anything else that is called a ‘Talent Community’ should truthfully fall into one of the other buckets of this taxonomy.

[bctt tweet="For that that still don't get it...  A mailing list is NOT a talent community." username="CareerXroads"]

These default definitions Teri noted: Pool, Pipeline, Network and Community  resonated with TA peers at her session. This work needs to be heard by more employers. (I think it’s ready for HROS by the way Marvin)

Kudos to Kara Yarnot and the Conference Board for teeing up a solid lineup of case studies and data-driven sessions.

The only awkward phrase for the taxonomy is Teri's 'pool' which is too close to the de jure term 'applicant pool' with  a totally different meaning. Over the years I've preferred this set:

Lead. Individuals acquired via initial sourcing that are not (yet) aware that the employer has targeted them. Could be lists of conference attendees for example.
Prospect. Aware of employer interest but have not applied. Here is where I would examine and invest in Pipeline, Network and Community strategies. Each is a variation on the prospect but important to differentiate.
Candidate. Declared interest in becoming an employee and again, various stages in the candidate evolution to include: not qualified or dispositioned as not able to be hired or competitive, qualified, finalist, finalists not hired. With strategies for how each is to be treated.

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