Lifetime Employment in Japan | CXR Podcast

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Japanese MBA StudentsStill pulling together and processing great content from our recent trip to Japan as part of an educational HR delegation. We were happy to get Angie Verros and Gerry Crispin on the line to talk about one of the topics that kept coming up throughout our adventure: Lifetime Employment.

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In this podcast, you'll hear Angie's impressions and Gerry's takeaways based on conversations with dozens of MBA students at Hitotsubashi University where these young people shared that it was perfectly acceptable (and even expected) for them to never be employed within the discipline of which they were studying.  Additionally, a "second career" seemed to be an undesirable achievement while in the United States it's not uncommon for professionals to change employers at least five times in their careers.

Don't miss these insights

  • Angie shares her surprise regarding a Japanese proverb we heard more than once: "A good husband is healthy and absent."
  • Gerry talks for a moment about the radical concept of voluntarily retiring early for the sake of injecting innovation into your industry.

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Watch for more CXR Chat podcasts related to our delegation trip and for updates where delegation members will share more about what they learned in an open-to-the-public webinar to be announced soon.

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