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CXR Podcast: Hoyt and Pritchett Talk Communities

CXR Podcast: Hoyt and Pritchett Talk Communities

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In this CXR Podcast episode, we take a few moments to welcome Shannon Pritchett to CXR as the new Managing Director, Communities, chat up the value of community and why it's so important to CareerXroads, and talk about things to come with regards to additional areas within CXR that will be getting a significant upgrade and amount of Shannon's time - most notably the upgrades and expansion to our CXR eXchanges.

Worth noting for both members and non-members alike is the evolution of the CXR eXchanges. Changes include a new interface, the availability for anyone to create a public or private eXchange of their own, and the new focus on local markets in eXchanges such as CXR Local | Bay Area Recruiters.

As CareerXroads ramps up for 2020, we'll be sharing new updates and changes as they go live. (And maybe hinting of a few that are just around the corner.)

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