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CXR Recommends: A Branding Perspective on Returning to Business

CXR Recommends: A Branding Perspective on Returning to Business

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As of late, my team and I have been researching a lot about brand, digitization and internship direction. But I imagine many of you are reading the same things. We are all trying to figure out what comes next as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I recently heard an interview with business leader, Mark Cuban that I recommend everyone take a few minutes to watch.

When we all start taking a closer look at moving forward, I think this quote from that interview should be a guiding force:

“How companies treat workers during the pandemic could define their brand for decades.”

I immediately thought to myself, “that’s so true! He could not be more right about that.”

[Watch the Mark Cuban interview

As recruiting leaders, we all need to consider the impacts of our actions. How we choose to handle the return to business could have a huge brand impact and affect our hiring (among many other things) for years to come. Every message we send out, post, communicate - internally and externally - needs to be carefully considered and aligned with the entire team through this time. (Luckily we have an amazing Brand Manager and I could not be more proud of how our organization has handled everything so far.) 

Aligning employer brand closely with the corporate brand

When I think about that statement a little more, it remains powerful from every angle. If our choices can define the brand of an entire organization, they can define the brands of all of the internal pieces of the organization as well. Now more than ever, we need to be tightly aligned and highly functioning. What our clients see now, how we help them now, how we make their life easier now, is what they’ll remember. TA organizations traditionally have a mixed reputation; no matter how good they are. Now is an opportunity for us to really shine. Maybe we can even change the minds of the traditionally ‘unhappy-with-TA’ customers. Like my organization is there for our patients, our members and our community - now is our opportunity to really be there for our clients.

I encourage you to take it even further…. Think about yourself as a leader or a recruiter or whatever it is that you do. This is your brand. How you handle yourself right now could define you for decades.



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