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CXR Recommends [Article]: A Global Shift in Workplace Disease Prevention (out of Japan)

CXR Recommends [Article]: A Global Shift in Workplace Disease Prevention (out of Japan)

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At CareerXroads we're no strangers to talking daily with Talent leaders about what's on their mind. And lately, the concern that's overshadowing most others (except that pesky "average time to fill" question) is related to COVID-19. In other words, how leaders are supposed, and expected, to prepare for what the Coronavirus might mean to the safety of their workforce and their business practices.

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That's why it was interesting to catch this Ogletree Deakins headline on Japan's preemptive approach in the workplace geared towards slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

The rapidly developing public health situation presents a moving target for employers, particularly those with cross-border operations. Japan’s recent announcement may offer a few hints as to what the future holds for workplace environments in Japan and elsewhere in the short-term and possibly beyond.

Check out the article and get some details around the following bullets shared by author, Bonnie Puckett here.

  1. Remote work
  2. Videoconferencing technology
  3. Local commutes
  4. Company events
  5. International travel
  6. Sick leave
  7. Infection-minimizing protocols
  8. Employee benefits
  9. Employee anxiety

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