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CXR Recommends: Diversity - how did we get here & where do we go next?

CXR Recommends: Diversity - how did we get here & where do we go next?

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Like many of you, we're soaking in as many voices as we can on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. So we were excited to see one of our favorite Talent Acquisition Leaders, Carmen Hudson, publish two posts that both inform the reader and encourage change.

Carmen Hudson has been making a difference in hiring at America's most iconic employers for many years before a career shift to more entrepreneurial pursuits. Writing on her Recruiting Toolbox Blog, she clearly tells a compelling story that both educates us and encourages us to transition from a world of hurt to one we should all want to live and work in.

How did we get here? (part I of II)

Carmen takes us back 76 years in her first post to a government policy crossroads, post WWII, that contributed a good deal to the racial divide in opportunity that we see reflected today. As she puts it, " order to solve a problem – really solve it – you have to understand the genesis, the root cause. And the 1950s – the rise of white-collar employment that excluded black people – is foundational to the continued struggle to diversify the white-collar workforce." It's an eye-opening perspective and one in which she clearly defines the challenges that are facing organizations in today's society.

Reversing Discriminatory Hiring Practices (part II of II)

In Part II Carmen humbly states she just scratches the surface of actions we all can take to reverse discrimination. That said it is a must-read for starting points and a recognition that much more conversation and subsequent action needs to surface. Review both posts:

Note: Carmen, as a valued alumna of CXR, was recently a panelist for the first of a 2020 Summer series of CXR member and alumni conversations about fairness in hiring that are exploring systemic bias, internal mobility and automation. That recording will be available soon in the CXR Library for members and alumni.


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