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CXR Recommends: Global COVID-19 Survey #4 from Mercer

CXR Recommends: Global COVID-19 Survey #4 from Mercer

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Just like everyone else, we at CXR are always watching for data and insights with regards to how companies and their leaders are responding to this COVID-19 pandemic that has the world learning new ways of work and wondering what the future of "normal" looks like. In our search, we've come across some significant survey data collected by Mercer. 

This living report is constantly updating the results referenced below and is a site that we'd encourage you to check, and check often over the next few weeks. At the time of this publication, included are answers from over 750 professionals to 63 questions that are broken into a half a dozen categories including Current and Future Impact on Business, On-site Employee Support, Compensation and Incentives, Labor Cost Reductions, and the Impact on Global Mobility. (Remember, it's "live" and constantly updated.)

So while there are the expected questions about financial performance impact (51% said moderate), workforce productivity impact (10% said positive!), and various preventative measures being considered (75% said on-site administration of employee temperature taking?) we found some very insightful points around labor cost reduction activity and strategies as well as the hot topic of how organizations are preparing to return to work.


A few other insights that stood out to us

  • 83% are not paying furloughed employees. 15% offered Partial pay. 2% Full pay.
  • 84% have not considered or planned a temporary reduction in their sales force despite 71% reporting decreases in sales.
  • Most firms (88%) are currently considering plans for returning to work and expect to stagger those returns based in part of the assessment of critical work.
  • 25% of the respondents have employees on international assignments and a quarter of them are allowing early repatriation.
  • Asked what criteria was being used to allow employees who had contracted the virus to return to work, nearly a third are still waiting for government guidance.

Pass along this informative "temperature" check and if you have the knowledge to answer on your company's behalf, we'd encourage you to do so.


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