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CXR Recommends: P&G's Take on Race

CXR Recommends: P&G's Take on Race

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Like many of you, we're paying close attention to the responses of companies to the current elevation of the Black Lives Matter movement. From the Zoom backgrounds of our members when they join our meetings - a small statement yet one that illustrates how important it is to make a statement in as many ways as possible - to the corporate letters, commercials and social media communications, there's plenty to see, some of it more meaningful than others. 

Proctor & Gamble does it right

When we saw this video from P&G we were impressed. When we realized they also built a resource site titled The Choice to take the message home... to go beyond raising awareness and showing support to encouraging action in multiple ways... well then we decided this is one of the strongest corporate statements we've ever seen.  



To quote their site, "Racial inequality is the inescapable reality of America. It didn’t begin with us, but it can end with us.
If we choose to act." If you're seeking ways to act, you would be well served to check out their resources that cover everything from things to read, listen to or watch to ways to donate and actively engage. Kudos Proctor & Gamble!

Here at CXR we firmly believe that the most powerful statement in the world is only as good as the diversity, equality and inclusion represented within corporate walls. We remain committed to fostering conversations that inspire action and improvement. 


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