CXR Recommends: Research on AI & Hiring

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We recently took some time to review a new research report from Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research: Conversational AI and the Future of Hiring and recommend you do the same.

Whether AI is the future or not, is moot. It is what companies are investing time and energy experimenting with right now. The advent of text and voice conversations continues to evolve and is on the cusp of automating hours out of the weekly workflow of every recruiter. Time consuming touch points to screen, engage, schedule, assess, select, onboard and follow up are potential targets getting attention today in more than a third of the respondent firms to Aptitude Research's survey.

'Conversational AI' as a category of TA solutions is the fastest-growing focus point in our space - pandemic aside. As such, it's time we put some arguments over what constitutes real AI and what doesn't aside and focus on what some sense of automation and intelligent learning can do for the industry. 

Check out the full report here: Conversational AI and the Future of Hiring: Humans, Technology & How They Work Together


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