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CXR Recommends: Rethinking Work-from-home benefits

CXR Recommends: Rethinking Work-from-home benefits

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It's been interesting to watch the trends that have accelerated or launched because of the pandemic. One that is likely to make a continued impact on our workforce is working from home. What was once seen as an occasional perk for some people has become the norm for many professionals and will likely be the norm for some time to come.

We've been having regularly scheduled, open calls with people in the talent industry for months and have noticed a distinct shift in the concerns of Talent Acquisition Leaders. In the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns were focused on equipment, safety, video conference calls and making sure everyone could do their job remotely. Now that people have proven they can be productive from home (something we've supported for years), concerns have shifted to mental health issues, work-life balance, and establishing a new corporate culture for a remote workforce. 

It was no surprise to us when SHRM came calling recently asking to talk about the need for a new set of work-from-home benefits. We think this article is a great first step at identifying needs for our new remote workforce. Look it over and then hop on over to the eXchange to share what new benefits you're considering (or already offering) to help your teams work well, collaborate and grow. We can't wait to hear what you're doing...

CXR Recommends: Rethink Work-from-Home Employee Perks


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