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CXR Research: TA Department Structure & Funding

CXR Research: TA Department Structure & Funding

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At the beginning of this year, we asked our CXR members to disclose how their TA budgets are both funded and structured. It did not take a mathematician to learn that the vast majority of CXR members use a recruitment allocated budget for full-time hires. For contingent hires, our CXR member companies typically do not dip into their recruitment allocated budgets. Instead, contingent hires are typically financed by the business lines that need the additional headcount. The total budget for both full-time and contingent labor is usually calculated from a combination of business and recruitment plans.

Most of our CXR member companies operate off a centralized TA model that reports up to a single Head of TA. It is unusual to see a decentralized model with our CXR member companies. The typical structure of TA teams within CXR member companies do include separate teams dedicated to Experienced Hiring, Early Career Hiring, Executive Recruiting, Hourly Hiring, etc. It is rare for one TA team to support each geographic region around the world. Instead, most CXR member companies structure their teams to a dedicated geographic region (within the US and overseas). Additionally, TA departments incorporate individual teams that specialize in Branding, Operations, Sourcing and Analytics. It is unusual for TA teams to include separate teams dedicated to internal mobility and external hiring.

The fully comprehensive benchmark report is available to all CXR members in our Research Library

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