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Today's CXR “Uncorked” brings a fun conversation with Jessica Lee, VP of Brand Talent at Marriott.  We take a look at the sometimes interesting turns and evolution that today's Talent Acquisition leaders encounter in their own career paths - most notably, Jessica's shift (temporarily?) into a space adjacent to Talent Acquisition.  Our talk also addresses today's (and tomorrow's) hiring for "gig" roles at Marriott; aka, independent contractors and/or contingent workers.  With estimates stating that by 2020 gig workers will make up over 40% of America's workforce, and will be primarily made of millennials searching for project, versus long-term assignments, it's a topic that smart TA leaders have top of mind.

Join us for an interesting combination of Chateau Miraval (a rosé) and a healthy, albeit unlikely, pairing while Jessica, Gerry, and I share a few laughs over a couple of bottles of this Brangelina beverage.

These CXR Uncorked sessions are a fun way for us to let our hair down and share a little magic from within the community that is CareerXroads. So sit back, uncork your own bottle, and enjoy the broadcast.

[Listen to the full podcast here.]

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