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benchmarkingv2The idea that “every line is the perfect length if you don't measure it,” has always imposed upon me an image of someone wearing blinders and insisting that their performance and their work is always improving while being unable to compare or contrast their work against themselves, their peers or their competition.  It's why I've always been passionate about the incredible potential that the recruiting industry has always had to perfect a struggling segment of our business - the data and reporting around what we do -  and the ability to showcase why it's so important that we're exceptional at our work.

This is in part why we at CareerXroads are excited to announce a new partnership with the ERE Talent Acquisition Benchmarking team.  Led by Rob McIntosh, this group has been tirelessly working over the last year to improve an area of our space that so many talent acquisition leaders and practitioners struggle with - clean, standardized and comparable data that can be trusted.  Now boasting over 50 large and diverse companies like PepsiCo, Scotiabank, Roche and General Motors, the ERE Talent Acquisition Benchmarking solution is expected to be able to report data and metrics on 6 million candidates by the end of the year.

ERE Talent Acquisition Benchmarking allows members to compare themselves to their industry competitors to gain actionable insights if they are at a competitive advantage/disadvantage on 10 metrics that measure speed, quality, and productivity. This partnership will allow CXR members to dig into how their competitive practices impact performance metrics especially when comparing industry, size, level, and other relevant demographics. - ERE Is Partnering With CareerXroads To Bring Benchmarking To Its Membership

Companies that are not CareerXroads members or an ERE Benchmarking customer will still be able to review overall performance data for collective participating companies using the free version but won't be able to see details broken by industry, job families, geography and nearly 20 other filters related to speed, quality and productivity metrics.

CareerXroads is excited to partner with McIntosh and the ERE Talent Acquisition Benchmarking efforts to push forward the standardization of talent acquisition metrics.  This effort also serves to shine a light on what great recruiting looks like and the invaluable benefits of establishing and sharing competitive practices in our industry.

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