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Eyes Wide Open: Transparency contributes to brand value

Eyes Wide Open: Transparency contributes to brand value

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Every firm has its good and bad press- their day in the barrel as it were but, it is what they do while there that counts for their long-term attraction as an employer of choice. For quality candidates to be willing to join- knowing the past, the challenges, as well as the perks, all have their eyes wide open.

I was reminded about this by watching CBS' Sunday Morning yesterday as they profiled Phil Knight, the founder of the iconic Nike brand. This was a good press day but it is worth noting that Phil was asked several times during the interview about Nike's bad press days over the years.  In each case, he offered no excuses,  no denials and simply described what the company learned from each experience and how they responded- going beyond the criticism and making the solution a part of their brand message.

On balance, externally generated and curated stories like these are priceless additions to every employer brand's goal to be perceived as transparent, maturing, responsible to the world around them. I would certainly expect this piece to be linked from Nike's career pages sooner rather than later.

We can certainly contrast Nike's (and many other Colloquium members') responses with those less mature firms whose recent responses have been highly defensive (just google Zenefits and HubSpot)- companies that haven't grown enough to face their failings head on. We think adding links to 'public' pieces that show firms working through their crises rather than avoiding it will enhance a company's perceived transparency and help attract higher quality candidates. #eyeswideopen.

What is the latest content you or others have generated to fit this model?

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