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FaceBook Tiptoes into the Recruiting Space

FaceBook Tiptoes into the Recruiting Space

Image by Simon from Pixabay

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Facebook Recruiting? LinkedIn/Microsoft will not be too concerned in the short run...but...long term...

For the last year just about every conference has included at least one session around sourcing via Facebook. We guess they finally noticed the activity and, last week, as most know by now, officially announced they are entering the recruiting space with a few new tabs related to careers and jobs.

This Workology article by Audra Knight is the best step-by-step guide we've seen to date and certainly, recommend some reasonable experimentation and A/B testing. It will be even more interesting if we begin to see Facebook collecting some feedback from small business, multinationals and others about their experience.

There are significant limitations in how positions are posted. Larger firms will not enjoy the manual requirements but their 'partners' i.e. job distribution, ATSs and 3rd-party advertising agency support should be all over this as a service. First, learn whether it works.



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