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High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion - Bersin by Deloitte

High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion - Bersin by Deloitte

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High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion: Maturity Model and Top Findings” was recently published by Bersin by Deloitte analysts, Stacia Garr and Candace Atamanik.

The announcement noted six principles that are key to creating a more inclusive organization based on surveys and interviews with key players.  From the overview, "This report focuses on establishing broad D&I ownership, setting expectations of inclusive leadership behaviors, driving transparency and accountability, embedding D&I into talent practices, and enabling individuals to take action on opportunities to enhance D&I."

We feel that while not new, these callouts definitely bear repeating:

  • Treat the evolution of diversity and inclusion as business-critical, not compliance-necessary.
  • Move beyond diversity to inclusion and diversity.
  • Prioritize inclusive leadership.
  • Reinforce an inclusive culture by integrating both demographic diversity and diversity of thought into all talent management practices (especially important to do this at moments that affect the talent pipeline)
  • Provide diversity and inclusion resources that empower individuals to take action.
  • Drive accountability, not metrics tracking.

Bersin members would be well served to download the document and share with their teams.

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