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High Impact Talent Acquisition, A Webinar with Robin Erickson, PhD, Bersin by Deloitte

High Impact Talent Acquisition, A Webinar with Robin Erickson, PhD, Bersin by Deloitte

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It was our pleasure to recently connect with a friend and industry analyst, Robin Erickson, to discuss some of her recent research related to the High Impact Talent Acquisition model.  In this webinar we discussed the 6 key findings that resulted from this Bersin by Deloitte study and go deep on each and diving into the new 2018 Talent Acquisition Maturity Model.

  1. Build the workforce of the future through integration with the business, including strategy, career development, and culture.
  2. Recognize the value of existing employees and the cultural enablement of internal mobility.
  3. Emphasize a candidate's work ethic, values, and potential as much as skills and past experiences.
  4. Construct a personalized talent journey to engage talent, strengthen employment brand, and promote culture.
  5. Continually evolve because of dedication to upskilling, informal learning, and professional growth opportunities.
  6. Utilize A.I. and predictive data analytics to sharpen the TA function.

Members that were unable to attend the 1 hour webinar where we discuss the details within the Six Key Insights to Put Talent Acquisition at the Center of Business Strategy and Execution (Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP / Robin Erickson, PhD, and Denise Moulton, 2018) can view the recorded session below or within the CXR Webinars site.

Logged in CXR members can grab the overview deck in the Leadership category of the new CXR Library.

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