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Hiring Manager Halo: Stats & Their Meaning

Hiring Manager Halo: Stats & Their Meaning

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According to a CareerBuilder survey of 2,148 hiring managers, 1 in 4 were more likely to hire someone from a ‘prestigious’ school and 1 in 5 were more likely to hire from their alma mater… all things considered.

So, the question to ask yourself is whether diversity training is in order or are these simply clues to improving your ERP?

In fact, a little internal sourcing and analytics work around the connections and relationships of your best and worst hiring managers and their team members is likely to uncover the value of hiring people with similar educational backgrounds or… the problems created by incestuous hiring practices.

Is retention of hires from some schools questionable? Are the programs and degrees you seek in these schools as diverse as you need to fill the slate of qualified candidates? Is innovation a value or a concern (or both) in your firm? If you were to publish the educational demographics of employees by job family to the public (candidates) would it encourage discourage more diverse, top talent to apply?

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