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How Do You Define Community?

How Do You Define Community?

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We define community in many different ways. It is certainly a group of people with something particular in common. But community can also be a feeling - a feeling of being home, of fellowship with others, of being welcome, and of having your ideas and input valued. Community is important to us here at CXR. In fact it's our mission - to nurture and grow a community of talent acquisition and talent management professionals with some common characteristics:

  1. A passion for attracting, engaging & retaining talent
  2. A compulsion to continually improve
  3. The ability to think critically and constructively
  4. The desire to share with others - with an eye on raising the bar for all
  5. An openness to risk

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Listen to Gerry discuss these characteristics as he talks about the ways community forms and the ways in which we can all participate in this podcast from The Lorne Epstein Show.


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