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Is Recruiting Innovation Driving Towards Automation and A.I.?

Is Recruiting Innovation Driving Towards Automation and A.I.?

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The first-ever CareerXroads Recruiting Automation & Innovation Colloquium convened April 23-25, 2018 at Converse’s headquarters on the wharf in Boston. Our days there included member presentations, interactive exercises, excellent after-hours conversations and a whole lot of networking. If there was one thing that surprised most members during our time together, it’s that no one has risen to the top (yet) with an exceptional A.I. or machine learning solution. While we heard plenty of innovative solutions to common problems and a few cool uses of recruiting automation, we learned quickly that we are still in the early stages of this initiative.

During our time together we had fun dreaming up a few ideas of what might be coming next while inspiring each other to think creatively, turning some challenges related to innovation and diversity within recruiting "on their head" with some new design thinking and mind-mapping exercises.  We are looking forward to what we predict will be new and fun challenges as the approach larger companies are taking towards innovation and A.I. matures over the next year.

Hot takeaways Included:

  • The Challenge of Too Much Automation, Too Soon
  • Leveraging Existing Data in New Ways
  • Executing on Chatbot Strategies to Deliver More Than Just Schedule Managers

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