Aligning Your Employer Brand Efforts at the Team Level

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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This brilliant YouTube video, How Do I Get A Data Science Job?, that I stumbled on while educating myself on AI perspectives this morning answers at least three prospect/candidate questions that relate directly to employer brand from  a very personal/social point of view:

  • What it takes to get a job on my team.
  • What it takes to break into Data Science- especially if your credentials aren't traditional (But then what is traditional anymore?)
  • What it would be like working for [me] the head of the team

If I were sourcing a data scientist for Ben Taylor, the video's author, or for any critical, 'pivotal' job for any employer for that matter, I would be thrilled to have in my quiver this particular video or its equivalent:

  • to help prep prospects I think might make the grade before they interviewed
  • to help coach those we're not going forward with about what it will take to be more competitive that I hope they'll take and come back.
  • to help those potentially great (already beyond 'breaking in') but still passive prospects learn about the person they'll be working for and the challenges they'll face.

What makes Ben Taylor's "coaching" approach so useful (if it were embedded into a career site or a landing page as part of a social media campaign or simply part of a text or email follow-up) is that it hits some pretty high numbers on the authentic and transparent meter. And, its content is spot on...and relevant for nearly any other critical/pivotal role I can think of.

For me, it raises a thought about our HR partners. How can we help guide, train, develop or select Hiring Managers- especially for mission critical teams to have the skills to share their unique point of view as well as solid generic coaching advice that is as believable as this? Should Talent or TA/Employer Branding take the lead is curating this kind of content? Who should insist that Hiring Managers develop this competency? What variations on this theme do you already have in place and are they comparable?

We've seen a few but we're now looking for more.

Looking for a pulse poll for our CareerXroads members about "How do your most mission critical hiring managers get introduced to top prospects?" Videos? Events? Conferences? Special meetings? Webinars? Chat Rooms? or not until the candidate makes it to the Interview stage?

I do plan to interview Ben with the hopes of learning a little about his motivation.

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