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Old School Recruiting: Turn "IT" Off and Take a Day to Go Analog

Old School Recruiting: Turn

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Image Credit:IO-Images / Pixabay

Everyone's daily Internet immersion becomes old when there is no break. It can isolate us from engaging without a computer between us. Maybe if we stepped away from the virtual recruiting world - sourcing, executing SEO/SEM branding campaigns, distributing content, and substituted some old school recruiting we might better appreciate our choices and our peers.

Joel Cheesman's article about Ericsson's interns swarming the streets of Stockholm with branded Help-Wanted signs reminded me once again about the value of turning off virtual reality once in awhile. The title Joel chose, Ericsson Logs Off LinkedIn...and Hits the Streets to Recruit, caught my eye even though the story was really about building community among Ericsson's engaged interns. My guess is the real measure of this event is less about hiring in the street and more about impacting intern conversion rates.

Wouldn't a shared experience be worthwhile if everyone in Talent Acquisition took just one day every quarter... to all work together old-school recruiting style?

  • Come to work in a large room with desks, phones, lists of leads with phone numbers (i.e. lists of individual #s and some of just names wtih a company's main phone #).
  • Hold a meeting in an old dusty library research room loaded with company reference books, association directories, etc. etc. Teams compete to identify prospects.
  • Write rejection letters by hand, stuff them in envelopes and mail them to candidates' home addresses.
  • Take a booth at a professional association conference with a "Free Chat with a Career Coach" sign.
  • Descend in teams to competitors' retail stores all in a single city to identify the names of the store managers, assistant managers and workers that are clearly working hard to satisfy customers versus those who aren't as prospects for new store launches.
  • Send teams to several local employment offices and volunteer to sit with anyone out of work doing mock interviews with coaching as the goal.
  • Go to an event that is attended by potential leads and post a compelling 1-page flyer on every windshield in the parking lot.
  • Take one high-volume opening and promise that if interested candidates mail their resume to a specific address on a given date, that a legion of recruiters will read every resume one week later, call them that day if they are going to go forward or, write them and provide actual feedback as to why not.

What old school recruiting idea would you have your team work on?

Ask your recruiters what their plan 'B' is to recruit if the Internet were down.



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