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Open CXR Benchmark: Culinary Recruiting

Open CXR Benchmark: Culinary Recruiting

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If you've ever had the pleasure of recruiting within the field of the culinary arts, you know that it's often times more difficult than expected.  Efforts could be focused on finding roles that range from part-time team members to apprentices to full-fledged and highly sought after chocolatiers. (Yes, that's a thing and yes, we all like to think we'd be great at it!)  So it should come as no surprise that the culinary recruiting niche has its own sets of challenges with regards to sourcing and securing the talent to allow companies to stay competitive.  That's why we're launching this open to the public benchmark around competitive practices related to recruiting culinary talent.

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This brief survey will address where companies are finding the most successful candidates, details about college and culinary school recruiting efforts, retention obstacles, career paths, and more.  Use the link below to complete this benchmark and be notified when the results are released.  This is open to the public and if enough interest is generated in this topic, we'll invite participants to an invitation-only webinar where they'll walk through the results and discuss strategies and outcomes candidly with both CareerXroads members and non-members alike.

Click here to take the Culinary Recruiting Benchmark and be notified when results are released.

As a reminder, CareerXroads enterprise members are able to request in-depth benchmark surveys and analysis on topics of their choice and that result in as high as an 80% response rate from CXR peers within 14 days.  Results are secured within CareerXroads and found in our CXR Research pages as well as reviewed among peers on regularly scheduled webinars.

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