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CXR Recommends [Article]: 49 CXR Member Companies Top America’s Best Employers for Diversity

Congratulations to the 49 member companies who were named to Forbes Magazine’s list of America’s Best Employers for Diversity. For its third annual list, Forbes partnered with Statista to[…]

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What sits in recruiting operations?

There are several different aspects of talent and acquisition beyond hiring talent. At the center of TA lies recruiting operations. Recruiting operations help TA departments run effectively and[…]

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CareerXroads Opens Up Research to Non-Members

CXR has long been known for its rapid-fire and pulse-check research reports covering any topic of interest within its membership walls that range from source of hire to recruiting capacity and[…]

HR and Recruiting Conferences
HR and Recruiting Conferences

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CXR Recommends [Article]: HR and People Analytics Conferences to attend in 2020

While the year has only just begun, many of us have been mapping out our 2020 business travel plans for months.  That's why when people like Hung Lee at Recruiting Brainfood shares a "big list of[…]

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A 2020 Perspective on Equality - Gender, Pay or otherwise

How employers treat age, ethnicity, geography, race, gender equality and other candidate characteristics has always been a hot topic and it may be due for a big change in 2020. Are you prepared?[…]

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CXR Recommends [Book]: Art of Community

In work and life, I’ve always been drawn to communities. I seek belonging and there is no better place to find belonging and acceptance than in a community. I find different types of communities[…]


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CXR Recommends [Article]: Intel & Others Increase Paid Benefits Offering

More and more companies are starting to get on the bandwagon with regards to competitive (nay, compassionate?) paid family and medical leave. Recently, the US Senate approved a measure that would[…]


Recruiting Automation

What Will Recruiting Automation Look Like in 2020?

One of the terms with the biggest buzz over the past year or two has undoubtedly been "Recruiting Automation." To date it's been buzz without a lot of substance behind it. Will 2020 be the year[…]


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A Look at Employee Referral Programs in 2019

Traditionally, employee referrals have helped garner top talent into an organization. It wasn’t a surprise that all but one of the CXR companies that responded to our survey have a formal employee[…]

workplace - self id
workplace - self id

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Capturing Self-Identification Data

Self-identification helps companies ascertain how they are advancing their diversity and inclusion strategy. While self-identification is often optional, some employers are required to collect[…]