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CXR Research: How Long Does Recruiting Actually Take?

At one point, almost every Talent and Acquisition leader has asked the question, how long does recruiting actually take? With several different moving parts in TA, successfully quantifying time[…]

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CXR Recommends: A Branding Perspective on Returning to Business

As of late, my team and I have been researching a lot about brand, digitization and internship direction. But I imagine many of you are reading the same things. We are all trying to figure out[…]

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Employee Development, A Solid Investment

Why invest in employee development? The people of an organization collectively form its most vital resource and should be made to feel valued, relevant, and needed. Employees that are nurtured and[…]


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Talent Acquisition Learnings from Ireland

For the second year in a row, CXR was asked to bring a select group of HR and Recruiting professionals to Dublin, Ireland to meet with various talent acquisition peers and industry tech start-ups.[…]


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A Recruiting Technology Acquisition Worth Watching

CXR Members are certainly familiar with a recruitment technology solution that is making the news this week. According to our Vendor indeX, Jibe is one of the top three recruitment marketing[…]

Nonna's Secret Sauce
Nonna's Secret Sauce

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CXR Recommends: Nonna's Sunday Sauce

An unusual CXR Recommends for some unusual circumstances...  Unless you've been living on another planet for the past few months you've certainly been impacted by the shelter-in-place mandate in[…]

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CXR Research: Using a Chargeback Model in TA

Managing expenses and the overall process of budgeting varies with every organization. It is safe to say that there isn’t a set process that can be implemented at every company. One method to[…]


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Four Job Skills Needed For HR Leaders Of The Future

Human resources originally evolved out of a personnel-based function rooted in administrative and compliance-driven tasks that historically haven’t been perceived as adding value to organizations[…]

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COVID-19 and College Recruiting: The Perfect Storm

When the COVID-19 Pandemic started wreaking havoc in March 2020, it was felt particularly hard by university recruiting programs. College internships and early career hires were just ramping up[…]

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CXR Recommends: Recruiters Recruiting

When we come across something that we think is genuinely helpful to the talent industry, we share it. When we have the opportunity to be involved in something that nearly instantly started helping[…]