CXR Research: Preboarding New Hires

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Obtaining new talent to join an organization is not an easy task. Recruiters and sourcers can spend weeks, if not months, tirelessly working to fill a position. When an offer is finally extended, there is no guarantee that the employee will actually start. Though the dropout rate is low, every organization must do its due diligence to ensure that the right employee is officially onboarded.

The last steps for a new hire are preboarding. Preboarding is a process of verifying important background information on a particular new employee. Reference checks, background checks, drug testing, and I-9 verification are some of the tasks involved in preboarding a new employee. Though each organization is different, we had to wonder... is there some consistency in preboarding a new employee?

What was most surprising in the data was the overall use of automation throughout the preboarding process. For example, most CXR members don’t require references to be checked before a new employee starts, however, the companies that do check references automate that process. Drug testing, background checks, and security prep also all rely on automation to jump start those processes. 

This member-requested benchmark survey looked at several different preboarding activities and the report is available to all CXR members in our Research Library


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