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CXR Pulse Survey: "Is Candidate Impersonation a Growing Problem?"

CXR Pulse Survey:

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Industry peers and our colloquium members were asked, "With the emergence of virtual work around the world, is candidate impersonation becoming a growing problem?"  And while some employers are reporting to discover issues ranging from screening and testing fraud to existing employees actually subcontracting out their virtual work to nonemployees, these cases are fairly rare outliers.

In short, the answer to whether or not enterprise organizations are concerned at scale, is "No."  Of our CareerXroads member companies, only 25% believe that Candidate Impersonation (in the application or assessment phase ) is a problem.  Those firms that do, hail from various industries but are consistently large and well-branded companies.  The other 75% believe that the issue isn't happening much, if at all.

We're guessing Employer Impersonation by scam artists is a bigger problem for candidates than it is employers... so far.

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