The Recruiting Robots Aren't Coming... They're Already Here

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Recently CareerXroads had the pleasure of attending HireVue's annual Digital Disruption conference (which we'd highly recommend if you're a HireVue customer!) While there, we were privy to some very impressive presentations, smart conversations, and innovative work that's going on in recruiting automation and recruiting AI.  One part of the conference that stood out to us was the work that Unilever is doing in the world of recruiting automation. It was featured just days afterward in these Wall Street Journal (paywall) and articles.

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Recruiting Automation Is Already "A Thing"

Unilever, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, implemented a process last Fall in their college hiring that resulted in over 200 hires.  Those hires only interacted with a human being in the final interview phase.  And here's how it basically went...

  1. Targeted ads were placed on Facebook, The Muse, and WayUp to attract candidates.
  2. Individuals that clicked on those ads were able to apply for open roles ONLY by using their LinkedIn profiles. (Note: No Resumes Allowed)
  3. More than half of the applicants were screened out by Unilever algorithms (read: Recruiting AI)
  4. Remaining applicants were invited to participate in an online screening process that consisted of 12 short games developed by Pymetrics specifically to assess and match candidates using years of research to remove selection bias and incorporate all kinds of "legit science."
  5. Top-ranked applicants were then asked to complete a video interview via HireVue.  (An advanced approach to recently announced video interviewing practice announced by Goldman Sachs.)
  6. The final tier of applicants based on the video results was invited to meet their first human in the process, a Unilever professional.

The kicker?  Of the hundreds hired using this process, the Unilever managers reported that they were of the same, or greater, caliber as new hires that were "hand-picked" by human managers in the past.

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Myth-busting and Outdated Recruiting Practices

If you've got 40 minutes, click here to watch the presentation from Digital Disruption by Unilever's Melissa Gee Kee, strategy director to CHRO & Global HR4HR Director.  She walks you through some myth-busting with Frida Polli, CEO & Co-founder of Pymetrics, and Nathan Mondragon, Chief I/O Psychologist at HireVue.  It's worth the time to hear first hand how Unilever cut their time to hire by 83% (from over 4 months to just 2 weeks) while improving diversity and quality of hire.

Does this mean that all recruiting jobs are destined to be automated and that recruiters should be worried?  We think that's a tricky question. What we're seeing done well today is only the entry level or menial aspects of sourcing, recruiting, and even scheduling.  When you sprinkle in some really exciting and new technology to assess candidates and try to remove biases, things get very interesting.  What we are certain of is that the technology will steadily progress to the point where recruiters who have evolved their skills and practices to be more of a business partner and advisor to clients or organizations will thrive.  Those that continue to think they'll find online resumes, schedule candidates, or screen documents and video faster and more efficiently than computers will simply go the way of the Dodo bird - a creature that simply faded out of existence unnoticed until it was too late.

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