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Salary Surveys for Quants, by Quants

Salary Surveys for Quants, by Quants

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

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Jeremy Shapiro, Exec. Director and Global Head of Talent Analytics at JP Morgan, moderates a LinkedIn group for quants, Measuring Human Capital. His latest post and link to the 2015 Data Science Salary Survey is well worth the time spent unless you’ve given up on trying to understand why your comp experts can never get a good market figure. CXR members should have their own HR analysts join the Measuring Human Capital group, ask Jeremy to connect, follow him, and eventually join his standards group developing HR Metrics when it gets back up and running. We’ll do what we can to get him to join our Analytics Colloquium next year as a guest. His talks at the last two HR Technology conferences were standing room only.

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