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SHRM's TA Baseline: What Their Data Says...and Doesn't Say

SHRM's TA Baseline: What Their Data Says...and Doesn't Say

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"SHRM surveyed recruiters and HR professionals who recruited as one of their responsibilities to learn more about their experiences sourcing and hiring job candidates", according to SHRM's weekly workplace readings. We downloaded the report, Talent Acquisition - April 18, 2016 and took a look at their key findings.

What to like: It's a great baseline for SMBs and, I'm going to guess that many of the larger reporting organizations are government employers. Numbers of respondents by type of organization and sector are not clearly reported but it is easy to assume that the total number responding is pretty large given SHRM's reach.

We also like the fact that many of the stats SHRM publishes are sliced by size (FTEs) and by Sector (Government, For Profit and Not for Profit).

The need to filter on both simultaneously however becomes evident very quickly.

For example, the number of requisitions reported per recruiter is 40! and also 20! The 'mean' or average is 40 but, the 'median' or the midpoint where half of companies fall above and half below is 20. What this much of a difference implies is that a small number of firms have a huge impact driving up the average- obviously loaded down with open reqs near the hundred mark per recruiter (hard for us to imagine). Otherwise the average would be closer to 20 with half of the companies reporting they are below that number. Makes us wonder if there are respondents I wouldn't normally see like large government employers or Non-profits? Since most of the data CareerXroads sees are large, for-profit, strong employer brand employers whose req load is between 25-30 on average (as well as the median). We would love a closer look at SHRM's raw data.

Time to Fill is 41 days.

Internal Movement (positions filled by employees) is 26%

The 'position' responsible for picking which candidates (from the pool) are phone screened are HR Generalist, Hiring Manager and Recruiter- in that order. ( Not good.)

The 'position' responsible for picking finalists for interview are Hiring Manager, HR Generalist and Recruiter- in that order. (Also, not so good.)

Yes, I have questions. Not the least of which is what decisions would I make

Again, these results raise questions that need answering before a comparable baseline can be arrived at. Still, get yourself a copy and dig a little. If you can't get to this report because its behind the Association (SHRM) firewall, let Chris or I know and we'll send you a copy.


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