Survey: Shifting Your 2017 Budget

Image by joaogbjunior from Pixabay

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As the majority of recruiting teams have now settled in on their 2017 strategies and talent acquisition budget - and have likely completed a spend and ROI analysis covering 2016 - we thought the timing was right to again ask what you'll change this year.  What we're doing differently this time around is opening this survey (and the results) to more organizations than just our 100 CareerXroads Colloquim Member companies.

This short survey will ask some high level questions related to how you anticipate your talent acquisition "source" spending to shift in 2017.  Upon completion, we'll share those aggregate results with each company participating and include our own analysis and trends with the report.  So regardless of your industry, company size or even hiring volume, we hope you'll participate and allow us to share with you what hundreds of companies say they'll be investing in this year.

Click here to take this brief survey.

As always, if you've any questions please feel free to reach out to us directly.

CareerXroads members will have full access to the report, be able to see aggregate data filtered by CXR members/non-members and may request additional filtered results by size, industry, etc.  As always, if members express an interest in a collective review we will coordinate a webinar to discuss the results as a community.

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