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TA Leaders are Being Tasked to Examine Their Org Structure

TA Leaders are Being Tasked to Examine Their Org Structure

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Several of our CXR Colloquium (www.careerxroads.com) members are in the midst of considering alternative org structures and are seeking feedback from peers.

I was surprised by the sudden exploding interest and then saw a [Josh] Bersin [by Deloitte] comment in a press release for their Trends Report that this year "92% of companies are focused on 'redesigning their organization,' making this the #1 trend."

Apparently the old traditional structure is dead and the new 'strategy' for organizations will be around a 'network of teams'. Thus everyone is scrambling....again.

Chris and I just sent out a survey [March 3] to bench today's Organization Structure (and who is working on changes already) by asking TA leaders we know a few key questions to provoke a quick turnaround for our members working on the issue (rather than an extensive deep dive that takes months as a more serious study would require).

In a week we'll send out another small survey around the structure of TA's role in Internal Mobility to add to this issue.

We are going to use the results of these surveys to spark a few conversations within Colloquium meetings this year where the alignment of TA and Business strategy is critical to success.

But, we also plan to have an open mic web call (before the end of the March) with all those companies who participate to discuss the responses.

If you fit the case, you are welcome to complete the survey. (If not, please don't- as it adds to the time it takes for me to filter you out).

We'll also publish what we learn.

As always, personal and corporate names of respondents will be kept confidential. We'll provide summary data as soon as the survey closes. We've asked for contact information only in the event a followup/clarifying question is necessary.

If anyone has any questions please give Chris Hoyt or I a call.

CXR members can look for the details of the survey results under the "research" tab on this site along with  a link to a recording of the "Brown bag lunch webinar" in early April. Any additional learning from Colloquium events - especially the Leadership, Operations and Analytics meetings where structure will be discussed- that will also be distributed to all members.

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